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Homeowner Tips – Routine Inspections to identify issues and keep your A/C system running strong

Sweltering heat does not belong in our homes, especially in the middle of summer. American A/C is here to help you keep you COOL and keep your A/C working smoothly. Please see the list of basic inspections that homeowners can perform periodically. * During your routine inspection, please make sure the unit is powered off and you use proper safety precautions. When in doubt, call a licensed professional such as American A/C and Heat (281) 350-5200.**

1. Outside Inspection - Visual, Routine Rinse & Sound Check

- Visually inspect the area around the outside unit (condenser) for any debris that could potentially prevent air flow. To help the condenser breathe, make sure there are at least a couple of feet between the condenser and any shrubbery, fencing, or tree branches that are in the area.

- Rinse down the condenser regularly - contact us for details

- Listen for excess noise when the outside unit turns on. Excess noise can include loud bang when the unit kicks on OR buzzing, rattling, and/or grinding while the unit is running.

2. Inside Inspection – Attic, Home, and Air Filter Checks

- Attic Inspections:

Check the emergency drain pan for condensate (should be dry), verify the primary drain line is clear (contact us for details) and make sure you see/feel no major ductwork leaks. Make sure that ductwork is properly insulated and that there are no gaps in the seams. Improper insulation can cause irregular condensation on the cold metal coils and lead to leaks that can seep through your ceiling.

- Home Inspection:

First, is each room cooling the same? If one room is more hot than others, please give us a call, we can help balance your system.

Second, You’ll want to search your house for all registers (vents) and make sure that any rugs, carpeting, or furniture does not block them. If you have floor registers, make sure to look inside for any foreign objects; it’s not uncommon for toys or other small household objects to fall through the vents.

- Air Filter Checks:

Visually inspect and change your air filter(s) regularly. It’s recommended that you change filters at least once a month to keep your system running smoothly. Filters that protect against common allergens will tend to clog quicker, so they require more frequent attention.

If you are not comfortable completing the inspection or need help, please give us a call us 24/7! We are here to help keep you COOL!

American A/C and Heating, Inc.

Phone: 281-350-5200



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