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Family owned and operated since 1986! 
American AC and Heat is built on a strong foundation -  faith in Christ and prompt, dependable service!  We honor your home and your hard earned money - you deserve the best service at fair prices!  Our goal is to build life-long, working relationships with every customer. 

- Every customer is treated like family!

- Every home is treated like our home!

- Every AC system is treated like our AC system!

- Every system is professionally installed for longevity!

If you are looking for a reputable AC and Heating company that will help you get the most out of your investment, then trust American AC and Heating!  281-350-5200


- Residential A/C Repair

- Residential A/C Installation

- Residential A/C Service

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35 Years of Experience!

Frequently asked questions

  • How often should I change my Home Air Filters?
    We recommend changing them monthly in the Spring and Summer months. Please check them regularly in the Fall and Winter months. Make sure to keep safety your top priority, use a sturdy ladder/step stool and ask a spotter to help if necessary. We offer AC filter change out as a service as well!
  • How often should I have my Home AC Checked?
    To keep your home HVAC system running safe and efficiently, we recommend the American AC and Heat annual service/maintenance. Amongst many items, we will check operational efficiencies (freon), electrical components, coils, drain lines. Only trust trained, experienced, and licensed professionals to service your HVAC equipment! Ask around, we are the BEST in town!
  • Why is water dripping from the outside drainpipe at my house?
    This is usually caused from the main condensate line being stopped up and dripping into emergency pan that drains outside. The drain pan is located in the attic underneath the coil, plenum and furnace as pictured below. Once the drain pan fills the emergency float switch should automatically shut off the unit. The unit will need to be shut off, the water will need to be drained from the drain pan, and the main condensate line will need to be blown out. If you feel uncomfortable addressing the situation yourself, please give us a call and we can help you out! 281-350-5200.
  • Why are the A/C lines frozen (iced) on my outside A/C unit (Condensor)?
    There could be several reasons causing this, we recommend shutting off your AC system and calling us immediately. System is low on Freon Dirty filter(s) Dirty evaporator coil Insufficient air flow- i.e. blower motor or capacitor weak
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